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abu dhabi international private school


We are a group of professionals; we unite to present our Educational Project of Management and Economic to a Contest of the City council of Dubai, which we won.


From then until today, we have carried out an educational task, trying to build British school Abu Dhabi where we feel satisfied that we have learned and grown in it: children, mothers and fathers, and educators.


We have created British schools in Abu Dhabi that has emerged from the needs of our cultural, social environment and from the observation of the children who have spent their first years with us.


Our Pedagogical Approaches arise from the knowledge and the search of a why and how human beings grow and develop in relation to an environment that evolves.


In our Educational Project, we reflect the identity of our School.


Our peculiar way of feeling the Infant Education: to accompany the children in the discovery of their own learning. In this way, we, as professionals, are there for them. Respecting them, listening to them, looking at them, making them feel loved, organizing and conditioning the times and spaces of the schools in Abu Dhabi city, satisfying and responding to each of the individual needs of each child, both emotional and physiological As well as those of its evolutionary development.


British International School Abu Dhabi:


We contemplate the game as the main axis for the achievement of objectives by understanding the game as its main activity, its natural way of being and being in the world. A free and spontaneous activity that allows you to discover and understand what surrounds you in an active way.


We believe that it is fundamental to strengthen the capacities of children and for this, we strive to propose the best situations and spaces where the child can learn by playing in freedom.


Today, after these years, we are a group of educators with a model of Children's School very defined, open to any revision and transformation that the global or individual development of children and their environment requires and that we continue to believe in Early Childhood Education quality.


The Private Schools In Abu Dhabi of Dubai gave birth, this year, to take action to establish a more direct contact with the families of his native language is not UAE students that despite the changes in migratory flows, a very significant component of the school users. The route aims to foster the exchange of mutual knowledge, increasing the relationship of trust and collaboration through conversations about customs and traditions of the various cultures that provide an opportunity, at the same time, for a real language literacy courses UAE.


Repton School Abu Dhabi
Al Reem Island
P.O. Box: 45016
Abu Dhabi
+971 2 507 4800
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